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Thank you for your interest in Hawaii Photo Art. We offer many different photographic images available for sale in a great assortment of sizes. Images are printed on archival quality photographic paper, with or without borders or archival quality water resistant fine-art canvas mediums, also called Giclee. Hawaii Photo Art is suitable for home or office decoration projects.

All of the orders are processed individually with the greatest of care. We offer custom sizes and prices according to digital file sizes available. Sizes vary, from 12″ wide to an image 36″ to 40″ wide.

We make the process as easy as 123. Send us an e mail with the photo number of each image you find on the website and the approx. width or height you have in mind of each image. If possible, please send a phone number & your zip code where we may make direct contact for other crucial details needed, such as how do you plan to frame it? We strive to make sure we have all information needed, because we want to produce the image that will best suit your wants and needs & most of all, your vision. Once the information is gathered, we are able to send you an exact price within two days for your custom sized images, including shipping costs.


Each of our printings follows professional standards. High archival quality photographic paper or archival quality water resistant fine-art canvas prints are printed with the latest high tech printers for quality control to produce sharp images with bright colors. Color accuracy and consistency is Omni important to us here at, Avista Photo Services, located in Honolulu, Hawaii. We understand how important quality is when producing your prints and have taken every step possible to ensure that you receive the best possible visions at your door.

We do not offer any framing services. We can recommend local art framers here in the Honolulu, Hawaii area. Please contact art framers in your area for pricing according to your requirements, budget & style. We ship custom prints world-wide in a sturdy tube to your door if not located in the Honolulu area. From your order date, please expect shipping within 7 to 10 days. All images are printed to order.

Many of our close-up images may gain an abstract nature at very large enlargement. Rather like a Monet impressionistic print. Also, not all of our images may be available in all larger size enlargements due to insufficient digital reproduction quality. Contact us online with any questions regarding any of the prints/images posted on the website. Each image is numbered.

Fine-art canvas mediums, also called Giclee, have a textured finish because of the material used in the printing. Please be aware of the visual difference between high archival quality photographic paper and archival quality water resistant fine-art canvas prints. If you have any questions on the subject, send us an e mail. New images are being added every week for your review. Contact us with any special requests regarding your order.

Mahalo for your visit and Aloha!

Avista Photo Services
Photographer – Dan Davila

Phone – 512-718-7090

Honolulu, Hawaii

E Mail:

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To visit Flicker Channel (hawaiiphotoart), please click here

All images/photographs posted on these websites are Copyrighted Material and are not royalty-free. Some photographs may be available to be used as stock images that may be licensed for a negotiated fee, depending on the image. If you would like to license any images/photographs posted for commercial use, please let us know.

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